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Rent 2-bedroom apartment in Sudak. The apartment is located
Sudak, Str.Ajvazovskogo dom 25 2-room apartment , 5 guests 1659.7 per day
In the courtyard parking, guest rooms are located at a dista
Sudak, Biryuzovaya 23 10-room mini-hotel , 2 guests 411.9 per day
Sudak, Str.Oktyabrskaya, 34, qr.176. 1-room apartment , 4 guests 588.4 per day
rent a house with a new building renovated with all modern c
Sudak, akvapark-admiralskaya2 3-room house , 11 guests 2942.2 per day
Sudak, Novyj Svet, Str. Golicyna 12-room apartment , 32 guests 1471.1 per day
In private rooms shall be a mini-HOTEL Nakhimov Street, very
Sudak, Nahimova 3/2 8-room mini-hotel , 16 guests 588.4 per day
In Sudak rent one bedroom apartment with views of the castle
Sudak, Ave Solnechnyj 16 1-room apartment , 5 guests 882.6 per day
The apartment is located in the center. The first high floor
Sudak, Str. Lenina 57 1-room apartment , 4 guests 588.4 per day
We carry to the sea free, back and forth. Guest house
Sudak, Kommunalnaya 8-room mini-hotel , 3 guests 176.5 per day
Shall suites in a private house with separate entrances from
Sudak, Lenina 30 3-room house , 3 guests 529.6 per day
Cozy 2-bedroom apartment with balcony in a quiet area of ​​S
Sudak, Ajvazovskogo d 27 2-room apartment , 6 guests 882.6 per day
I rent my apartment to the 1-in Sudak, a 5-storey building.
Sudak, Lenina 98 1-room apartment , 4 guests 882.6 per day
rent one and two patios, air-conditioned TV wi-fi kitchen la
Sudak, Surozhskaya 2-room house , 8 guests 1991.7 per day
1 bedroom apartment next to the cypress alley to the sea 5 m
Sudak, Str.Lenina 98 1-room apartment , 4 guests 882.6 per day
Suites 1,2 room with a gorgeous view of Sudak fortress, the
Sudak, Konsulskaya 32 18-room apartment , 5 guests 663.9 per day
Rent a cozy house with a large green infield in Sudak near t
Sudak, Platanovaya 47 8-room house , 22 guests 147.1 per day
Private pension
Sudak, distr. YUgo-Zapadnyj, 15 15-room mini-hotel , 60 guests 588.4 per day
Sudak, Str.Naberezhnaya, 71 9-room mini-hotel , 30 guests 3319.5 per day
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